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Happy Holidays

Perhaps I’m a little late to wish everyone a happy holiday, but I can present to you a photograph of a happy holiday. This was taken at Christmas 1970 at the home of Dan and Blanche Graham in Harvey, Illinois – my first Christmas!

Graham Clan Christmas 1970

Front Row: Patricia Graham with doll, Blanche Graham holding Byron Graham (me, age 5 months), Daniel Graham holding Darryl Graham.

Back Row: Connie Graham, Danny Graham, Marie Booker, and Linda Booker with doll.

Connie, Danny and Patricia are all the children of Leroy Graham, one of Dan and Blanche’s sons.

Darryl and Byron are the children of William Graham, another son.

Marie and Linda are the children of Janice Booker, née Graham, daughter of Dan and Blanche.

Happy holidays!

Holiday With The Savages

This chronicle of holiday cheer was published in the Thursday, 31 December 1953 edition of The Sikeston Herald:


Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Savage[1] had as Sunday[2] dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thompson[3] and son and Mrs. Viola Sloan[4] of Flint, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs. Morley Watts[5] and children of Marshall, Arkansas; Mr. and Mrs. Dan Graham[6] and son and his wife[7], all of New Madrid; Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McKuin[8] of Bragg City and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Savage[9] and children.


[1] Robert Claiborn Savage and his wife Armelta Bellzora “Bell” Watts.

[2] Sunday was 27 December 1953.

[3] I haven’t yet been able to identify Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thompson. Any ideas?

[4] Viola was the daughter of Robert and Bell, and the wife of Russell E. Sloan.

[5] William Marley Watts (Bell’s brother) and his wife Cordelia Mae Kimbrell. Their children were Charles, Ermadean and Blanche, but the article isn’t clear which children were present, save Blanche (see [6]).

[6] Daniel Graham and Blanche Watts.

[7] Vernon Leroy Graham and Martha Lorice Shaw, who were newlyweds, having been married in New Madrid three months prior, on 17 September 1953.

[8] Tom Allen McKuin and Margaret Ann Savage (daughter of Robert and Bell).

[9] Dallas Clyde Savage (son of Robert and Bell) and Mary Pauline Couglin.


NewspaperARCHIVE.com. “Morehouse,” The Sikeston Herald, Thursday, 31 December 1953, page 6. Retrieved on 26 November 2012.

Obituary: John Jasper Graham

Originally published in The Daily Standard of Sikeston, Missouri on Monday, 13 August 1979.

John Graham

MORLEY – John Jasper Graham, 83, a retired farmer, died at 9:40 p.m. Saturday[1] at Southeast Missouri Hospital at Cape Girardeau, where he had been a patient since Aug. 2.

He was born Jan. 19, 1896 in Watts, Ark., to the late John Henry and Mary Beohannon[2] Graham. Three brothers and one sister preceded him in death[3].

On Jan. 7, 1916[4] he married Silas M. Copeland[5] of Marshall, who survives.

Other survivors include: three sons, Denver E. Graham of Canalou, Dempsey R. Graham of Oran and Julius R. Graham of Memphis, Tenn.; two daughters, Mrs. Berlene Cody of Perry, Ark. and Mrs. Delois Goetz of Sikeston; one brother, Daniel P. Graham of Marshall, Ark.; one sister, Mrs. Emma Mainard of Purcell, Okla.; eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Friends may call at the Amick-Burnett Funeral Chapel of Oran. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the First Baptist Church in Morley with the Rev. Delbert Bishop, pastor officiating, assisted by the Rev. Willis E. Osbon of the Morley Church of God.

Burial will follow at the old Morley Cemetery.


[1] Saturday was 11 August 1979. The Social Security Death Index did not list John’s day of death, only the month and year, so here we obtain it by calculating backwards from the newspaper’s date of publication.

[2] Yet another spelling variation of this surname. Mary’s own obituary spelled it “Bohannon”.

[3] This sentence is incorrect. Preceding John in death were his brothers Jessie and William, and his sisters Evisa, Mary, Sarah, Stella, and Nona. “Two brothers and five sisters preceded him in death,” would be exactly right.

JJGrahamMarriageDetail[4] The marriage date given here is wrong. John and Danner were actually married on 7 January 1917. A digital image of their actual marriage form can be viewed at right.

[5] This middle initial of “M” is curious. We already knew that Danner’s first name was Silas, after her father, from its inclusion on the census forms of 1920 and 1930. All other available records report her name as Danner. I’ve seen several family trees report her middle name as “Midaner” with no sources cited. Danner could be derived from Midaner.


The Daily Standard [Sikeston, MO], “John Graham,” page 8, published on Monday, 13 August 1979. Retrieved from microfilm at the Sikeston Public Library on Monday, 8 October 2012.

Sunday Savage Social

Another visit with the Savages, but from the previous year,1951.


Mr. and Mrs. Dan Graham[1] of Charter Oak, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lathom[2] and Mrs. Ebert Lathom[3] and two sons of Sikeston were guests of Mrs. R. C. Savage[4] last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKim of Bragg City, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Savage[5] and Mrs. R. C. Savage visited R. C. Savage in the Brandon Hospital in Poplar Bluff last Sunday[6].


[1] Daniel Page Graham and Blanche Watts.

[2] William Steve Lathum and Minnie Caldwell.

[3] Freeda King. Uncertain which two sons accompanied her. Her husband, Eber Lathum, was Steve’s brother.

[4] Armelta Bellzora “Bell” Watts, aunt of Blanche Watts and Steve and Eber Lathum.

[5] Dallas Clyde Savage and his wife Mary Pauline Couglin. Clyde was the son of Robert Claiborn Savage and Bell Watts.

[6] “Last Sunday” was 28 October 1951. Not known why Robert Savage was in the hospital.


NewspaperARCHIVE.com. “Morehouse News,” The Sikeston Herald, Thursday, 1 November 1951, page 16. Retrieved on 7 September 2012.

A Weekend With The Savages

This excerpt comes from the Morehouse, Missouri society section of the 29 May 1952 edition of The Sikeston Herald.


Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Savage[1] had as guests last week-end[2] Mr. and Mrs. Morley Watts[3] and daughter[4] of Marshall, Ark.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lathom[5] of near Sikeston, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Graham[6] of Sikeston visited Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Savage last Sunday.


[1] Robert Claiborn Savage and his wife Armelta Bellzora “Bell” Watts.

[2] “Last week-end” was 24-25 May 1952.

[3] William Marley Watts and his wife Cordelia Mae Kimbrell. Marley was Bell’s brother.

[4] Probably Marley and Cordelia’s daughter Ermadean, since their other daughter Blanche was referenced separately and living in Missouri. See [6].

[5] William Steve Lathum and his wife Minnie Caldwell. Steve was the son of Frank Lathum and his wife America Ann Watts. America was the sister of Marley and Bell, thus Steve was their nephew.

[6] Daniel Page Graham and his wife Blanche Watts.


NewspaperARCHIVE.com. “Morehouse,” The Sikeston Herald, Thursday, 29 May 1952, page 3. Retrieved on 6 September 2012.

Tidying Up The Gray Home

Today is my grandpa’s 103rd birthday. I dedicate today’s tidying to Daniel Page Graham.

The following changes have been published:

John Jasper Graham

  • Added images from the 1920 and 1930 United States Census
  • Added data and an image from the 1940 United States Census
  • Added in section headers by decade to make the article easier to follow
  • Made some revisions to the text for clarity
  • Added ages at death and place of burial for John and Danner
  • Added a section addressing name variations
  • Moved paragraph speculating about Danner’s name
  • Removed the Questions section, since most of them were answered by this update
  • Updated the Sources section and moved it to second page.

Mancel Coker & California Copeland

  • Added relationship between Otis Jasper Bohannon and William Thomas Graham.
  • Moved the Sources to second page.

Directory Assistance

I visited the local library today to browse through old phone directories. My goal was to find the addresses where my grandpa lived here. I was motivated by a copy of the John Henry Graham family data sheet that I had received from Louise Graham Bower, which had listed an address for grandpa that was unknown to me. If I could determine what years that grandpa lived at that address, I could establish a timeframe for when the sheet was compiled.

This turned out to be a very simple task.  The library stocked phone directories going all the way back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century. I knew that my family had moved to the area in the mid-sixties, and that by the end of the seventies most had all moved back to Arkansas, so I concentrated on phone directories from those decades. Grandpa was listed every year from 1966 to 1977, under a cumulative total of four different addresses! I had only known about two, so this was very interesting to me.

Three of the addresses listed for grandpa in the phone directories are still valid city addresses and the houses appear occupied, though I do not know the occupants. I will not list them on this journal for the sake of privacy. The other address is now a vacant lot.

I had previously observed that the compiler of the JHG family data sheet was Nellie Collins Allen, who was the daughter of grandpa’s oldest sister Evisa. Nellie had written on the sheet that my grandpa was in possession of the family bible from which she had copied the data, and listed his address. According to the phone directories, grandpa lived at that address for only one year: 1973. Thus, the JHG family data sheet must have been compiled in 1973.


Illinois Bell phone directories for the city of Harvey, Illinois, 1965-1980, Harvey Public Library.

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