Erman Zebedee Graham was the son of William Thomas Graham and Virgie Viola Copeland. He died in the city of Reedley, California at the age of 38, far too young. This obituary appeared in The Reedley Exponent newspaper on Thursday, 18 April 1957.

Obituary of Erman Graham, 1957

“…had lived in Reedley for 12 years.” Erman moved to Reedley sometime between 1940, when the census recorded him in Pope County, Arkansas, and May 1944, when he enlisted in the Naval Reserve in California.

American Legion Post 35 is still active in Reedley, according to the American Legion’s website.

Way back in 2011, I transcribed Erman’s obituary that appeared in the Marshall Mountain Wave newspaper of Searcy County, Arkansas.

Jackie applied for a military headstone for Erman’s grave, which I wrote about in 2013.


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