A few articles ago, we looked at the household of Jesse M. Scott in the 1840 Federal census of District 653, Carroll County, Georgia. At the bottom of the page previous to Jesse’s entry, the household of a man named Bennett Malone was recorded. That’s who we’re looking at today. The reason we’re looking at Bennett Malone is because I suspect he might have been related to Jesse Scott’s wife Senia Malone. I don’t know anything about Senia’s parents or siblings. The Malones have been a total brick wall.

This is how Bennett’s household was enumerated:

Males under 51
Males 5 & under 10
Males 10 & under 151
Males 15 & under 201
Males 20 & under 301
Males 30 & under 40
Males 40 & under 501
Females under 51
Females 5 & under 103
Females 10 & under 151
Females 15 & under 202
Females 20 & under 30
Females 30 & under 401
Household of Bennett Malone, 1840 Census

Let’s re-arrange the data to make it easier to examine.

NameSexAgeBirth Year
Bennett MaloneM40-491791-1800
Wife MaloneF30-391801-1810
Son MaloneM20-291811-1820
Son MaloneM15-191821-1825
Daughter MaloneF15-191821-1825
Daughter MaloneF15-191821-1825
Son MaloneM10-141826-1830
Daughter MaloneF10-141826-1830
Daughter MaloneF5-91831-1835
Daughter MaloneF5-91831-1835
Daughter MaloneF5-91831-1835
Son MaloneM0-41836-1840
Interpreted household of Bennett Malone

Bennett was born between 1791 and 1800. Senia’s birth year ranges between 1810 to 1814 depending upon which record one is examining. There is enough wiggle room here that Bennett could be either Senia’s father or older brother.

Wife Malone was born between 1801-1810. Definitely not old enough to be Senia’s mother.

So, assuming Bennett had no prior marriage and assuming there is a direct family relationship to Senia, Bennett could have been Senia’s older brother. More research into Bennett Malone is warranted.


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