I recently resolved some locations in The Estate of Jesse M. Scott. The following changes have been made to that article:

“Mary Anderson, residing at Roberty, I.T.” Previously, I could not identify the location of Roberty, and the 1900 census placed the Andersons in Utica Town. I recently learned of a small unincorporated community six miles from Utica called Roberta, which is the location likely intended.

“…the children and duly heirs of Eliza J. Pounds, dec’d, to wit: Neuman Pounds + Lou Pounds, each residing at Camanchia, Texas…” Their separate entries in the 1900 census show Newman and Lou residing in rural Precinct 5, Comanche County, Texas.

“…and the children and duly heirs of Sene Eviline Barnes, dec’d, viz: Jesse Barnes, Bennett Barnes, Ida Barnes + Sarah Barnes, each residing at Chualla, Tex…” This location was one tough nut to crack. Every search for Chualla, Texas turned up empty. Finally, I decided to do a deep dive into the Barnes children. I found records placing the children with their father and stepmother in McNairy County, Tennessee. Once I visited the Wikipedia page for McNairy County, it all fell into place. There is an unincorporated community in McNairy called Chewalla, and that is likely what was meant by “Chualla, Tex.” The state was wrong!