The 1880 Census was enumerated in Cleburne County, Alabama on the 24th and 25th days of June 1880 by W. B. Ferguson. He recorded the family of Jesse M. Scott in Township 14, Range 12, thus:

Jesse Scott 1880 Census
Jesse M. Scott Family, 1880 Census, Cleburne County, Alabama.

“Scott Jesse M.” Here Jesse was said to be 70 years old, giving him an estimated birth year of 1810. That’s pretty consistent with other available census records. This was the last census for Jesse. He died at home later that year, “on or about the 18 day of November 1880,” according to his probate records.

“Senia P.” Senia’s age recorded as 68, giving her an estimated birth year of 1812. That’s not consistent with other records. Senia appeared on five censuses and some of them suggest a different birth year. 1850, 1860 and 1870 census: 1813. 1880 census: 1812. 1900 census: October 1810. Seems her birth year slipped further and further into the past. The older Senia got, the older Senia got!

“James M.” James was single and 28 here and working as a farm laborer for his father. Census indicated James could neither read nor write. This is the last census to record James with his parents. He later moved to Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma where the fate of James Scott is uncertain.

“Robert B.” Robert was single, 26, and also working as a farm laborer for his father. It was not recorded whether Robert could read or write. This is the last available census to show Robert. He apparently died single and childless sometime between 1880 and 1901, when his mother passed. There was no mention of Robert nor any heirs in Senia’s probate records.

“John W. T.” John was 17, born in Alabama around 1863. He worked as a farm laborer for his grandfather Jesse, but also attended school. It wasn’t recorded whether he could read or write. John was the son of William Thomas Scott (and that was probably what his W. T. stood for) and Elmina Little. John’s father died in 1862 serving with the 48th Alabama Infantry during the Civil War, and his mother died in 1864. John and his two sisters were raised by their grandparents, Jesse and Senia.

“Mary E.” Mary was 18, born in Alabama around 1862. Her occupation was listed as “at home” and the box was checked for “Maimed, Crippled, Bedridden, or otherwise disabled.” The nature of her injury eludes me at this time. Mary was one of two daughters of William Thomas Scott and Elmina Little. The other daughter, Martha J Scott, was not enumerated here as she had married James Edmond Brown.

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