Today I published an update to my 2010 article on John Henry Graham and Mary Matilda Bohannon.

  • Updated the link to the National Archives regarding the 1890 census.
  • Added images from the 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 census.
  • Added in the name of the day for all known dates.
  • Added relationship between Mary Matilda Bohannon and Mary Elizabeth Leming.
  • Added that John Henry Graham signed his mark as security on the marriage bond for Matilda’s brother, John Jasper Bohannon. Added also an image detail of the signatures.
  • Added that John Jasper Graham may have been named for his uncle.
  • Added that Matilda was apparently listed as a witness on the marriage certificate for her niece, Thelma Drucilla Melton. Added also an image detail.
  • All images now have captions.
  • Changed spelling of Daniel Graham’s middle name to conform to the John Henry Graham Family Group Sheet.
  • Added link to obituary for John and Matilda’s grandson, Vernon Leroy Graham.
  • Removed some of the explanation of the various spellings of Bohannon as it was beyond the focus of the article. I saved the text so it may reappear at some point, perhaps expanded into an article in its own right.
  • Removed “Questions” section.
  • Reformatted and expanded the “Sources” section and moved it to a second page.

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One thought on “Tidying Up

  1. Byron, we may have communicated before. If not, I have information to share with you. I am a descendant of Noah Randolph “Bose” Graham, a brother of your Jesse Flournoy Graham, and formerly of Benton/Calhoun/Cleburne County, Alabama, and offspring of Jesse Graham (1822–1905) and Elizabeth Caroline Hunnicutt. I am working to update my records on their descendants. . You have a brilliant website!

    Dr. Harold Graham


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