This chronicle of holiday cheer was published in the Thursday, 31 December 1953 edition of The Sikeston Herald:


Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Savage[1] had as Sunday[2] dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thompson[3] and son and Mrs. Viola Sloan[4] of Flint, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs. Morley Watts[5] and children of Marshall, Arkansas; Mr. and Mrs. Dan Graham[6] and son and his wife[7], all of New Madrid; Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McKuin[8] of Bragg City and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Savage[9] and children.


[1] Robert Claiborn Savage and his wife Armelta Bellzora “Bell” Watts.

[2] Sunday was 27 December 1953.

[3] I haven’t yet been able to identify Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thompson. Any ideas?

[4] Viola was the daughter of Robert and Bell, and the wife of Russell E. Sloan.

[5] William Marley Watts (Bell’s brother) and his wife Cordelia May Kimbrell. Their children were Charles, Ermadean and Blanche, but the article isn’t clear which children were present, save Blanche (see [6]).

[6] Daniel Graham and Blanche Watts.

[7] Vernon Leroy Graham and Martha Lorice Shaw, who were newlyweds, having been married in New Madrid three months prior, on 17 September 1953.

[8] Tom Allen McKuin and Margaret Ann Savage (daughter of Robert and Bell).

[9] Dallas Clyde Savage (son of Robert and Bell) and Mary Pauline Couglin.

Source “Morehouse,” The Sikeston Herald, Thursday, 31 December 1953, page 6. Retrieved on 26 November 2012.