For some time I’ve been using a web site called BackupMyTree to, well, back-up my tree. If you ever read the first message on this journal, you’ll remember that I created Graham Ancestry after I’d lost all my previous research in a hard drive failure. That will never happen to me again, because BackupMyTree now automatically creates a back-up copy of my research which I can download to any computer from anywhere. From the web site:

“Fast, automatic backup and off-site storage for all of your family tree files. All of the popular family tree file formats are supported. Download your files at any time. FREE, simple, easy, safe & secure.”

It’s incredibly simple to use. Their software runs in the background of your computer, automatically detects family tree files and uploads a copy of them to their site. I haven’t had to worry about losing my genealogy data since I began using the service. Learn more here:

One thought on “When Looking Back, Don’t Forget To Back Up

  1. Very good. I have mine backed to two external hard drives and a 8 gig zip drive/condensed. Learned the hard way too since two floppy disk drive days including DOS and MADOS. also back then was note book paper/3 ring binders. Was hard to re-write.


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