Another visit with the Savages, but from the previous year,1951.


Mr. and Mrs. Dan Graham[1] of Charter Oak, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lathom[2] and Mrs. Ebert Lathom[3] and two sons of Sikeston were guests of Mrs. R. C. Savage[4] last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKim of Bragg City, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Savage[5] and Mrs. R. C. Savage visited R. C. Savage in the Brandon Hospital in Poplar Bluff last Sunday[6].


[1] Daniel Page Graham and Blanche Watts.

[2] William Steve Lathum and Minnie Caldwell.

[3] Freeda King. Uncertain which two sons accompanied her. Her husband, Eber Lathum, was Steve’s brother.

[4] Armelta Bellzora “Bell” Watts, aunt of Blanche Watts and Steve and Eber Lathum.

[5] Dallas Clyde Savage and his wife Mary Pauline Couglin. Clyde was the son of Robert Claiborn Savage and Bell Watts.

[6] “Last Sunday” was 28 October 1951. Not known why Robert Savage was in the hospital.

Source “Morehouse News,” The Sikeston Herald, Thursday, 1 November 1951, page 16. Retrieved on 7 September 2012.