The 23rd North Arkansas Ancestor Fair is coming soon. Described as the “oldest and most popular family-history event in north Arkansas”, the fair will be held 1-2 June 2012 in Leslie and Marshall, Arkansas.

The first day of the fair consists of two sessions, with session one covering Arkansas records found in the Missouri archives, and session two covering Civil War military records. The second day of the fair is the “Genealogical Swap Meet”, where researchers, vendors, and families can all exchange the fruits of their research in an open forum.

I attended the fair last year and then wrote about How I Spent My Arkansas Vacation. While I probably won’t attend the fair this year, I am planning to be in Marshall that same weekend to attend the Graham Family Reunion on 3 June.


North Arkansas Ancestor Fair

3 thoughts on “North Arkansas Ancestor Fair

  1. Unknown at this time. It depends on when I can get vacation from work. What is the date?

    The reason I’m not attending the Ancestor Fair is because I’m on vacation the week AFTER the fair, not the week of it. By the time I make the drive the fair will be over, but I’ll be there in time for the Graham reunion.


    1. It’s always the 3rd weekend in Oct – 18, 19, and 20th – 2012!!!!! Remember that and plan to attend, if possible! You will be very grateful, knowing what I know that is planned this year for our reunion.


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