Next Monday, 2 April, the National Archives will make available the 1940 United States Census. While the images will be available immediately online, the census will not yet have a searchable index. FamilySearch and are both spearheading the indexing effort. See their respective sites if you wish to be a part of the indexing project.

Here at stately Graham Ancestry, I spent the day combing over my previous articles and jotting down notes on which ones will need to be updated with data from the 1940 census. I usually call these little updates to my previous articles “Tidying up the Gray Home”, but I made notes for changes to ten articles, so this is beyond tidying. This is spring cleaning!

I’ve been looking forward to the release of the 1940 census, because it is the first one on which my dad was listed!

What are you hoping to find on the 1940 census?