Here is a collection of photographs of the old Rambo School, located on Searcy County Highway 8, about half a mile southwest of Rambo Cemetery in Arkansas. The school was established circa 1889, according to the faded sign above its door. Many Grahams and Watts attended class here, including my dad! I don’t presently know when the school originally closed. After sitting unused for some time, it was restored in 1997 and rechristened Rambo Community Center. Since then, it appears that the building was used for religious services for a while (indeed, there are references online calling it Rambo Church) before it fell again into disuse and disrepair. These photographs show its state as of Saturday, 4 June 2011.  Photographs © Ashli B. Graham.

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8 thoughts on “Rambo School

  1. Byron – I just thought of someone who could show you where it is – that would be Louise and Delmar Bower – they live in a beautiful spot above Watts – and they would love to show you around, I am sure of that! Or if you will wait and return in Oct. I would enjoy showing you WATTS area too and telling you all about what I know of it.
    Kathy – why don’t you plan to attend this year – oh there is so much to share, it excites me really bad!!!!! I can’t get my brain to stop at a time like this – I just want to take everyone there and share what I know about it.


  2. Hi Byron, Hi Barbara,
    My Grandpa Jasper Newton Luttrell and Grandma Mary Ausidine Watts Luttrell attended Rambo School. I did not know there was a Watts School. One of these days I need to get back there. Byron, I have pics of myself by the old out house. Love the history.


    1. Kathy – I have a picture or two on the Watts web site of the Watts School with students in front of it.
      Yes – you do need to return to our reunion sometime and let me know when you plan to attend so I can be sure and take you to the spot where the Watts School used to be.
      Would love to show you around the Watts area, as well as Byron – I don’t think he knows where it is!!!!!


  3. Byron – I believe you have Watts in a different place than it was. It is South of Rambo Community Bldg. probably several miles. Down right across from the Little Red River. The Watts school is gone but it still has it’s well and steps to the bldg. – If you are at the reunion in Oct. we will go there so you can see it. And I can tell you where different ones lived and bldgs used to be.


    1. Barbara, I will admit to not having seen the remains as you have, but the location of Rambo School in relation to Watts is consistent with USGS maps, which I did consult. Sure, the map could’ve had Watts in the wrong spot — we’ve both seen records that are wrong. Since October is so far off, would you be able to show me the location on Google Maps?


      1. OK – Byron – the Google map is not a real good map to show you on – but here is what I can tell you. If you put in Alphi Graham’s addy – it will bring up the “Rambo Church” (no school at this time – but it is the same bldg.) – then go southwest from there – and after you cross the mtn. range – look to the right and find the “Shady Grove Church” and Watts lies almost straight west from Shady Grove and southwest of Rambo – where you can find the Red River in spots and there is a huge circle of road that goes around down and then to the east. Watts was in the area where it looks like there is no road and then it continues on to the right. That is where WATTS was – right on the Red River – the Dinky Line used to go up there from Leslie. There is so much history there – I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Wish I could be a better director for the map – but it is very hard to explain when there is nothing there now. Except my gr-uncles house and my gr-grandparents foundation of their cabin that is still there. Plus a few other bldgs. – all old homes. And before the people died I visited with them and they told me things about Watts – plus I visited there a few times as a kid.
        Byron – Alphie Graham would be able to tell you about it, if you get back there before Oct. – at least I think he could. He is a 2nd cousin of mine and I know he is connected to you thru the Graham’s.
        Well let me know if you locate WATTS, Byron???? I sure hope so.


      2. Byron – I have the map location for you – see if you can figure this out??
        35 degrees 46’4.5.17″ N 92 degrees 41’05.17″ W elev. 1213 ft.
        If you can get there with this info – that is the spot where the old school was and that is the Watts community. Sure hope with the previous email and this one you will be able to find it. Please let me know.


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