Originally published in the Marshall Mountain Wave on 3 May 1957.  Erman was the son of William Thomas Graham and Virgie Copeland.


Ermon1 Z. Graham, 39, died April 15, at Reedly, Calif., it was learned here this week.

Mr. Graham was born at Watts, Ark in 1918, and lived here with his family for some time.  He moved to California a few years ago, where he had made his home.

He is survived by his wife and three children, his mother, Mrs. Virgil Conley2, and one sister, Pernie.

He was converted some time ago. Memorial services were held at Cairn’s Funeral Home, April 18, 1957, 10 a.m. with Rev. J. E. Bridges officiating. Concluding services were held at the Reedley cemetery under direction of the American Legion.


1.  So far this is the only source I’ve seen for “Ermon”.  All the other records I’ve seen have spelled it “Erman”, and that is how I’ve spelled it in my own tree.

2.  “Virgil Conley” appears to be a misspelling of Virgie’s own name.  To be especially clear, her second husband was not named Virgil, but rather Grover Morley Condley.

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