I learned a few things at the Ancestor Fair, and not necessarily about my family tree!

I have a tendency to keep to myself.  So at the genealogy swap meet, I probably didn’t get as much information as I could have if I had been more open with folks.  At the Graham reunion, I spent my time in binders and not talking to the people around me, some of which I hadn’t seen in nearly twenty years.

I sometimes come off as a know-it-all, especially if I feel I’m right. At the reunion, there was a sheet passed around detailing the descendants of Jesse Graham.  I looked over this sheet and started pointing out the errors.  Or perhaps “errors”, the things that I thought were wrong.

I came with nothing and asked for more.  At the fair and at the reunion there were people sharing CDs of GEDCOM files, binders with printouts of documents and letters, old photographs in family albums, and more.  I had nothing prepared, and could only share what I could remember off the top of my head.

So, for next year’s reunion I have this plan:

Mingle, don’t be critical, and bring something to share!

2 thoughts on “Ancestor Fair: Lessons Learned

  1. Byron, I love a man with an opinion! My mind can be changed under the right circumstances if I feel I am listening to an intelligent debate. Emotions don’t carry my day, so I look for the meat of the story first and get emotional later. Hope to meet you at one of the Ancestor Fairs in the near future!


  2. Great thinking Byron!!!!! You will get so much more with visiting instead of looking over other peoples info – and then you can share with them what you have found. And believe it or not – some people appreciate your telling them they are wrong and giving them the proof of what you say. Have a great day!


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