Time for a short geography lesson.

So far I’ve mentioned several townships here at Graham Ancestry. Townships in Arkansas were formerly used as electoral districts for Justices of the Peace.  The United States Federal Census was also enumerated by township.

Here is a map of Searcy County townships as they existed circa 1930.

Searcy County Townships 1930

Most of the Graham and Watts families were settled in Red River Township, which was located in the middle southern area of Searcy County.  The unincorporated populated places of Watts and Kay were located in Red River Township, as is Rambo Cemetery, where many of our Graham and Watts ancestors are buried.

The county seat is Marshall, Arkansas, which was located in Bear Creek Township.  Marriages in Searcy County were recorded at the courthouse in Marshall, but I wonder if the brides and grooms actually travelled into town or the Justices of the Peace rode out to the family farms for the ceremonies.


Searcy County ARGenWeb

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WikiPedia:  List of Arkansas Townships

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