When doing family research names are very important. Not only the names of people, but of places.

I mentioned a Shady Grove Cemetery in my post on John Henry Graham.

Searching around the Internet, it seems that Arkansas has at least 20 cemeteries going by the name Shady Grove in 18 different counties.  The one John Henry is buried at is located in Searcy County, Arkansas near the town of Dennard.  If you have one of them there new-fangled GPS de-vices, it is located at 35.75788, -92.64796.

Sometimes cemeteries are referred to by other names or they actually change names.

Online map services like Google Maps will display the name Thompson Cemetery if you enter the coordinates for Rambo Cemetery (35.81630, -92.65520) in  Searcy County.  Find A Grave has memorials for this same cemetery listed under the names Thompson, Rambo and Mainord Rambo.

If you’re doing genealogical research it’s important to have the right name in so many ways!